Girls weekend Tea Time

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A few weeks ago my grandma, mom, sister and I had a girls weekend. We headed up north and had a wonderful relaxing weekend! We went to a winery, tea house, old town and a indian casino (where I actually won something!) It was a perfect weekend with my favorite women!

I specifically want to acknowlege the Tea House we went to called Kate’s. I have been twice before and it is seriously one of my favorite places to eat. From the darling little barn it’s in, the amazing service and the to die for food and tea! I always have a amazing experience and always want to go back!

Kate’s is located in Colombia, CA. Colombia is a old town in Northern California that you can visited and learn about the town and the history there! They pretty much have kept it the same and its fun to walk around and go in the stores! So if you are heading up north or traveling through or by Colombia stop by Kate’s! Even go just for a scone or a cup of tea its’s worth the journey!

Anyways I just wanted to share a few pictures of the weekend with you and one of my favorite little places to go and eat! I always get the Kale Tumeric salad, it has brussels sprouts, nuts, carrots, cabbage and the tumeric dressing has just enough flavor and zing to compliment the bitterness of the kale! One of the best salads I’ve had. I also love swiching up the tea I have each time because they have so many! The scones there are seriously amazing they even have a gluten free option there which is awesome especially because you dont find a good gluten free desert or baked good at most places!! The menu has a few daily specials, so they have limited quantity of somethings but all the food me and my family have had there is so good, a lot of soup, salad and sandwich options!!


5 Minute Easy Pesto

Hey Everyone! The recipe I’m sharing with you today is my 5 minute easy pesto! I love making my own sauces! Pesto is one of my all time favorites, because it can go on so many things your pasta, your pizza, a sandwitch  and even your potatoes!  It’s so great to make a big batch and  have it in your fridge to add it to a meal! It’s fast, easy and full of flavor!! If I ever mention a pesto sauce in a recipe, please refer here because this is what I will be using!!




  • food processor or blender


  1. In a food processor add 2 heaping cups of freshly washed basil leaves ( no long stems), 3 tbsp unsalted almonds, 1 tbsp garlic powder OR 2 garlic cloves, juice of  a whole lemon, 1 1/2 tbsp nutritional yeast or vegan parmesan and a pinch of salt and pepper. Begin to mix
  2. Slowly add in 2-3 tbsp of olive oil and make sure all of the basil is being finely diced!
  3. Taste your pesto, make sure it tastes good, at this point add any thing until it’s to your satisfaction.
  4. For more of a sauce texture rather than a thicker paste, add more olive oil and maybe a little water.
  5. Your pesto is now done and ready to be used in your dish.
  6. If you have any left over pesto, be sure to refrigerate and cover it. I recommend putting it in a small mason jar!
  7. Good in the fridge for up to a week!
  8. Enjoy

Making your own sauce at home is so satisfying and always tastes better than store bought!! It takes 5 minutes out of your day and it can be used in so many things! I’ve been wanting to make more recipes with pesto in them,  so I wanted to have this recipe that you guys can all reference back to !

Today I used the pesto for GF Vegan pesto cheesy breadsticks and you bet this is gonna be one of my next recipes because it is to die for!!!

If you make my pesto, let me know! Leave a comment on how you liked it and what you used the pesto for! #sabrinaleablog

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Let’s get real about acne


Acne… the one thing no one in this world wants, but is something most of us have to deal with. Let’s get real…We all want that perfect, blemish free skin and will do just about anything to achieve it! There are hundreds of products, remedies, and medicines people will try or take to achieve great skin. The pressure to always look perfect is on and I’m here to tell you having acne is okay.

In High School, I had perfect skin.  I would have a blemish here and there but all in all if I walked out with just concealer under my eyes, I would be good to go. It was not until a couple months ago that I started having bad acne, it seemed like everything I was trying was not and still is not working. I have never had this much acne in my life. On top of that, I also have the worst habit of picking at my face, which makes my skin even worse! But it is safe to say that I have been feeling very insecure about my skin.

Acne can really effect the way someone feels about them self, it can take the most secure  and confident person down with it. I will not go outside without spot concealing my acne because I’m embarrassed.

Why do I feel this way? Acne is normal but the pressure to have perfect skin is all around us. The natural beauty hype is shoved in everyone’s face, so even wearing a lot of makeup to cover it up is frowned upon. The media is telling us that if you don’t have perfect skin, you are not beautiful. We see celebrities with flawless skin but don’t realize the amount of money that is put into it. They are probably having facials every weekand using an $800 moisturizer at night.  When asked their beauty secret most of them just say some generic response like “oh I drink a lot of water.” That’s just not real.

I’ve tried so many things to clear up my skin to see what works for me. The range of products I’ve tried go from really harsh chemicals to all natural and gentle products. I’m trying to find the right balance for me. Having really bad skin has made me be more dilegent about having better habits in my life. I’m starting to work out more often. I was very stagnant for months and not doing much physically so not having that blood circulation could be causing some of my acne. Also being better about taking my probiotics and drinking WATER. Keep a consistent skin care routine and NOT PICK MY SKIN.

When I was filming my everyday makeup routine the other day, I was embaressed that I had to wear a little more makeup than I usually would to feel confident in myself and thought maybe I shoudn’t film it. But then I realized why shouldn’ t I, I want to be as real as I can and me having a lot of acne is what is real. You can see in the video that I don’t feel my best with acne but I keep on reminding myself that it’s temporary.

I shouldn’t feel bad about having acne and I shouldn’t feel bad about wearing a lot of makeup. Either way I should feel confident in myself and I’m working on that.  I’m tired of feeling like I should be ashamed of showing my scars or my acne because  of what others might think.

I want my blog to be a place where I can be real and share everything that I am going through. Right now is the journey to better skin. I want to share my struggle and have a open conversation about the stigma on acne and wearing more makeup to cover it up.

You are beautiful either way, don’t let society or any one tell you other wise.

I would love to hear anything or products you use that clear up your acne. SHARE YOUR SECRETS, HELP OTHERS OUT.

I will definitely keep you updated on my skin journey!!

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Brain Injury & Passions in Paint


I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. My brain injury was definitely something that was supposed to happen, the universe was taking me in a different direction.

A little story behind my brain injury.

I was having a lot of head pain the summer of 2016, but never thought much of it. I told my mom that I was having this head pain, but we didn’t think it was anything serious, just some bad migraines. We tried to link it to different things, such as my new prescriptions in my glasses, or that fact that I just started school again after a year of being off. This was around the time I started school again at my local community college, in August of 2016. I was excited to move forward with my life after being sick with my internal issues for the past year. Two weeks into school, on a weekend while doing homework, my normal migraine was hurting more than usual, and it was absolutely unbearable. I started having blurred vision and was blacking out, I couldn’t even sleep that weekend because of how much my head hurt.

I went to emergency the next day. I was scared, but after a CAT scan, they said I had no internal bleeding, thank God. Despite the good news, they said that I did have a brain injury, a severe concussion. They said that it looks like I’ve had it for a long time as well. (I played competitive soccer for 12 years and have had about 5 concussions, so safe to say my brain is very sensitive.) They asked me how I could have gotten this injury and the only blow to the head I could recall is hitting my head on the wall one night while sleeping. I had a massive bump on my head the next day. For awhile after, I had some head pain and was quite sensitive, but I didn’t make the connection until my doctor visit. My brain has gone through so many blows that a small hit can cause major damage. They told me I had to drop out of school and rest so my brain could heal. I couldn’t believe I was hearing those words. I’ve never cried so much.A girl crying because she can’t go to school, you don’t hear that a lot. At the moment it felt I was taking one step forward just to get knocked three steps back.

I was on heavy pain killers and anti depression medication to help with the headaches. I felt weird most days and slept a lot. I couldn’t watch tv or listen to music because most noise made me feel like my head was going to explode. I just couldn’t deal with the pain. I also  couldn’t excercise or do much at all, I was stuck in bed most days. I became an angrier person even though I was still trying to remain positive. The brain injury took its toll on me…I was having a hard time dealing with it all. A lot of emotional, and physical up-and-downs those past several months.

What saved me was drawing and painting, or just art in general. There wasn’t much  I could  do without getting a headache, so I just started taking some printer paper and a sharpie and I would look at pictures on the internet to copy them. It was fun, and I actually wasn’t that bad. I enjoyed it a lot and felt like I was finally doing something for myself. I’m a very creative person, so doing this made me incredibly happy. Pencil turned into sharpie, then water-color and paint. I just continued putting my time into creating art. It was nice to finally be excited about something after such a long time of not being excited about anything.

Art was an escape. Something I can put my energy towards and feel fulfilled after. My brain injury led me to art, just as my internal issues led me to veganism and a healthier lifestyle.

My brain injury also gave me a major push into finally creating my blog. I felt like the universe was telling me that school wasn’t for me. At least it wasn’t meant to be at this time. SO, once I no longer had headaches, I bought a camera, and had no more excuses not to start the blog. Now I am here. Past the pain, and the struggle, and am better for it.

Creating is everything for me. It’s when I’m my happiest, and feel most accomplished. I have found a new passion in painting, and I look forward to keep on working at it and getting better. I even find myself getting excited about buying canvases and paint brushes.

If you ever have something you’ve ever wanted to try, DO IT! Life is too short not to put yourself out there and do something new. If you ever wanted to try to play an instrument etc., start now, it’s never to late to do something that makes you happy.

So even in the hardest of time some light can come out of it.

A more personal post, little more into my world these past couple months. I’m very thankful that I feel much better these days. The brain is very unpredictable so I hope I continue to do great and no longer have to deal with the effects of the brain injury.


PS. The picture I was painting in this is Brad Pitt from Fight Club!!! I love painting people!


XOXO Sabrina Lea


Easy Tofu Scramble


Before making this meal I hated tofu. It’s probably because every time I had it prior there was absolutely no flavor! This tofu scramble changed the tofu game for me and my family. An easy breakfast meal you can make in minutes! You can customize it however  you would like. I promise you will never miss an egg again after eating this.

Serves 1 to 2 people. ( I can eat a lot )


  • 1 Slab organic extra firm tofu
  • 4-5 Mushrooms
  • Half or a whole tomato
  •  Handful of Organic baby spinach



  1. Take your Tofu out of its packaging, empty out the water. Take a paper towel and dab the tofu til its dry.
  2. Rinse off and cut desired vegetables for your scramble, today I used 4 mushrooms, half a Roma tomato and a handful of organic baby spinach.( You can throw in bell peppers maybe whole onion or zucchini, but I’m very sensitive to those foods so i choose to stay away from them.)
  3. Once all your vegetables are cut, make your sauce.
  4. Making the sauce is so easy.  In a small bowl add in 1/2 tsp Tumeric, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp Onion powder, 1/4 tsp cumin, 1 tbsp Nutritional Yeast Seasoning and a splash of water. Then mix.
  5. Heat up your pan. I used a cast iron skillet. Turn on the stove to medium low heat.
  6. Take your slab of tofu and start to crumble it in the pan. Add a little splash of water so it doesn’t stick too much to the pan.
  7. Then add your mushrooms and spinach. Mix it all together and let it sit and cook for about 5 minutes or until most of the water is gone.
  8. Add your sauce and tomatoes in.
  9. Let it sit and cook while frequently mixing it together. Another 5 minutes.
  10. You can cook it for even longer so your tofu gets crispy but I like my tofu scramble a little fluffy so after a few minutes it’s done.
  11. Plate it, add a little salt and eat.  ( I like to add salt after cooking )
  12. ENJOY!

I love this easy meal, I’ve been eating it a lot for breakfast lately with a piece of toast! It’ a nice change from my usual everyday breakfast smoothie. Give this recipe a try if you don’t like tofu I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

I plan on finding more ways of making Tofu enjoyable in the future keep an eye out for that!

Let me know if you make this recipe tag #sabrinaleablog on any of my social media’s or tag me I’d love to see!

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Check out my YouTube and this video I made on this recipe to see if your more of a visual learner like me!




When I’m feeling down

We all have those weeks when we are not feeling well or much like ourselves. It is important to take time to relax and pamper yourself; find the things that you enjoy that get you back to your place of happiness.

This week was one of those weeks for me.

Here is a quick list of the things I like to do when I am having one of those weeks:


It all starts with a good bubble bath, there is nothing I love more. It is my favorite way to relax and have some time to myself. There is nothing better than filling the tub up with some bubbles, putting in some epsom salt and turning on relaxing music. Sometimes I’ll even put on a few candles and close my eyes. The best way to wind down from a long day…week… month.


Exfoliation is next on the list of what I love to do. Exfoliating your skin is vital to keeping it youthful and soft. Plus, I am a lover of fake tanning. In order for the lotion or foam to set well, I must have a clean surface of skin and be smooth from head to toe so of course I shave. Make sure I don’t have residue from my last tan and all the dead skin is off.


Putting on a mask always feels like a treat. This is especially true when my skin is breaking out and I am not feeling too confident about it. I love masking in my bath so the heat from the water opens my pores!


I always feel better when I’m tan. I’m naturally very pale. especially when I don’t get a chance to leave my house much. SO I love a good at home easy tan, for an affordable fake tan I love the Jergen’s Instant Sun in Deep Bronze.I use a tanning mit to get a streak free tan.  I instantly have color the next day and BAM I’m brought back to life


I’ve always loved painting my nails and toes. Especially at home ever since I was little, I’m the type of person that can’t have my nails chipped so I’m always painting my nails, it’s like therapy to me a ritual I do every week.


I love tea to relax especially Green Tea because of all its benefits. But most important in my opinion is writing out your thoughts. Try to ask yourself why your feeling down. I like to make a list of goals I want to achieve in the next week to self motivate myself to get out of the slump. Manifest, start putting yourslef in a better mind-set for the next upcoming days.


I’m a night owl and tend to get motivated at night especially after a relaxing day all about me.  After doing all the things above I’m usually out of my funk and feel great. Creating is when I am truly in my happy place so i love to paint. Painting is a time where I can purely create and escape from everything.. all my feelings and get lost into the work.

Some times it is all about you. Take care of yourself. How you feel is valid and important. It’s okay to be sad or mad.My favorite thing someone has told me is “Sometime’s it’s okay to not be okay.” You don’t always have to be this happy positive person. But if you find yourself feeling a little down. Make it a point to do things that make you happy. These are things I like to do that change my mood in an instant. I personally love doing all of these things in one day, make it a day to pamper myself and dive a little deeper into what I’m feeling.

What do you like to do when you’re feeling down?


Carli Bybel Palette Tutorial and Review

Hello! So today we have a beauty blog post. This is going to be on the Carli Bybel Palette. It retails for $14.50 on the BH Cosmetics website. If I were you I’d go and buy this palette right now, heres why.


You get 10 eyeshadows in the palette.  5 matte and 5 shimmery eyeshadows with 4 highlighters. The packaging is very compact and has a big mirror, so its great to grab and do your makeup on the go. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and blendable, the formula is so creamy. It’s also cruelty free which I almost always look for when buying make up or beauty products. You also can create so many looks with this palette from a mauve look to a bronzed one with the various colors you get. In fact I filmed a bronze makeup look with this palette You can see the look below. GO CHECK IT OUT!!vsco-photo-3vsco-photo-1

It’s a great palette for makeup beginners since it’s so affordable and easy to work with. I have definitely been grabbing for this palette every since I got it. I’m thoroughly impressed! Let me know what looks you want to see next or any specific makeup demos or reviews! Hope you enjoy!